Our favourite toys

Play is important to us. In fact, it’s more than important. On a par with eating and sleeping, I would say, play is a necessary, vital part of our life. And so, over the years we have tried to surround ourselves with the loveliest sorts of things to play with. I’ve been quite careful with … More Our favourite toys

Being present

There is a lot written about the power of being in the moment, of Being, truly present, at one in the here and now and this we often apply to ourselves, striving always to be mindful… But how often do we apply this to our children? How often do we make the space to Be … More Being present

Any Questions? – the things I am often asked about…

I think we have been very fortunate over the years in the the positive responses we have received to the fact that we home educate. We get asked fairly often, in a friendly sort of way, the usual “No school today then girls?” kind of questions, and generally speaking most people come back with “ooooo … More Any Questions? – the things I am often asked about…

Choc Rocks! – exploring the rock cycle with chocolate :P

“If it hasn’t been in the hand and the body, it can’t be in the brain.” Beverly Bos  We all know this to be true – hands on experience is key in the process of cementing learning, and we try to take this approach across as many aspects of home ed as we can manage. … More Choc Rocks! – exploring the rock cycle with chocolate 😛

Bringing up yogis

I love my yoga and have done for years. These days it’s hard to find the time to squeeze it in – the evenings are often my only opportunity and by then I’m utterly zonked, corpse pose is about the only one I can manage, and I fall fast asleep during relaxation/meditation :0 I love … More Bringing up yogis