About us


Hello! We are two home educating families, sharing our journeys, the ups and downs of home ed life,  the ins and outs of motherhood.

We met many years ago at a La Leche League meeting, when there was only one Bod and two Cubs and they were very wee. As the only mothers (seemingly for miles around!) practicing attachment parenting we immediately became firm friends, travelling the path of full term breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing together for a while, sharing our dreams…

Over the years another Cub and two more Bods were added to the number, and our paths led us in different directions, one up North to the mountains and one down South to the sea. Now our paths converge through this happy little corner of the web as we strive to promote our passions – respectful, attachment, go-with-the-flow parenting, vegan&veggie, wholesome nutrition, and green, sustainable, zero waste living.

Read Cathy’s home ed journey here and Amelia’s home ed journey here  xxxxxx


With love,


Cathy and Amelia xxxxxx