Out Of Action: the challenge of sofa based home ed….

And so I find myself stuck on a sofa, contemplating a couple of weeks of housebound home ed….

The drama occurred yesterday, in a pitch black Medieval tunnel, where, carrying Bod3 and a massive backpack, with Bods10&7 clinging to my elbows, I wobbled on a rock and in my efforts to save the babe, my foot was wrenched, the ligament tore and possibly a teeny bit of bone broke too. Somehow I managed to walk back out of the tunnels, visit an Anglo-Saxon church and Roman Pharos, and drive home before I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t actually weight-bear on it. Such is the power of the mama who needs to get her babies home! A quick trip to the hospital and a pair of crutches later I realised I was looking at a few weeks of very restricted movement and no driving if I want this to heal fast.

There’s nothing like an injury like this to make you appreciate how blessed you are to live an active life. Whilst I’m most definitely not a sporty person, I am very active and thrive on whizzing about. I try to do yoga twice a day, walk the dog, dash here and there keeping up with my super busy Bods and often get to the end of the day only to realise that I haven’t sat down once. Being still is not my forte, and I hate being stuck in the house. But I have been firmly told by all those around me that rest is the best start to a quick recovery, and it has to get better quickly because we’ve just booked a holiday that we hope will include pony trekking, kayaking, an awful lot of walking and mountain climbing, most of it with Bod 3 on my back in the Ergo. So here goes….

We’ve had a month out of our ‘normal’ rhythm (if there really is such a thing!), with 2 weeks of back-to-back play dates catching up with school friends over the Easter holidays, then two weeks of trips and activities that included Wakehurst Millenium Seed Bank, Battle Abbey, the Rare Breeds Centre, Dover Castle, lots of riding lessons, long dog walks through bluebell strewn woods and a live RSC screening of Macbeth. It turns out that the girls are desperate to get back to “work”! My suggestion that we spend the next two weeks snuggled up on the sofa doing lots of maths together was greeted with cheers and whoops of joy (no kidding!) – Bod10 can’t wait to get stuck into trigonometry again and Bod7 just loves maths (apart from division apparently….hmmm…perhaps we can have some fun with that….). Other things were quickly added – reading lots of Harry Potter (perhaps we’ll get them all finished), studying lots of Shakespeare (reading, memorising and watching), cracking through lots of science lessons (we’re currently using Mystery Science), writing stories and poetry together, starting the French and geography textbooks I bought a while back, getting back into our morning basket rhythm. Fortunately I’ve just had a birthday and was given, by my wonderful friends and family who know me so well, a wonderful pile of books and music – so there’s plenty to keep me going, and whilst I can’t do my active, physical yoga, I’ll embark on 40 days of yoga nidra instead, using the Daring to Rest programme.  We have the lovely book The Calm Buddha Bedtime which we haven’t dipped into much yet, and our Enchanted Meditations for kids which we love but haven’t had time for over the past few weeks. And, having read this post, my amazing MrS bought me The Lost Words – I foresee a cosy afternoon relishing the beautiful poetry and illustration – and who knows what creative ventures that will spark!

So we’ll use these weeks to journey inside instead of outside…

A while back I thought it would be a good idea to have what I was going to term a “self-sufficiency week”, where the girls undertook a lot of the household chores, learnt to cook, clean, do the washing and odd bits of shopping…it never really happened…but this, it occurs to me, will be a perfect opportunity for them to develop some of these more independent skills. They have their regular chores around the house of course – caring for the animals, packing away their washing, setting the table, things like that. I heard on the radio once that having regular chores makes children happier (can’t for the life of me find this piece of research now!) – it apparently gives them a sense of responsibility and purpose, and thus generally contributes to a sense of wellbeing. Our girls don’t always do these things, and they don’t get any remuneration for performing household tasks, but they’re really rather brilliant at helping out when needed. However with me largely out of action and Mr S at work 5/7 days, they’re going to have to step up a bit. They set to with gusto today, Bod10 dashing about with the hoover, and Bod7 wafting a duster around – long may this last!

So I’m sitting here on the sofa, feeling really rather smug (as the girls have created a vast world of farms and pony trekking centres around me, each one singing a different crazy little song, their voices raised in happy, totally discordant, polyphony) – grateful that I don’t have to contemplate organising a twice daily school run, grateful that I have wonderful friends and family who are rallying to offer love and support, grateful that our life is free and flexible enough to allow us to embrace these challenges and turn them into positives – grateful that I’m genuinely looking forward to the next couple of weeks snuggled up with my gorgeous Bods, learning stuff on the sofa and seeing what emerges from it…

Cathy xxxxxx




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